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Front target ISSF RUN BOAR 10 m

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Front target ISSF RUN BOAR 10 m

Get in your target practice with the accurize front target plate. The Accurize shooting system is designed for practicing dryfiring in your home and makes your training more fun and realistic. The Accurize system comprises of a target, laser adapter/cartridge and mobile phone app. The Accurize app is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Accurize app allows you to view your shots in realtime to help your performance and accuracy. The Accurize laser shooting system is designed for use at 5m and 10m distance and with 23 choices of target replicating distances at the range.



  • Easily inserted into the accurize shooting simulator.
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Made using the highest quality materials and components
  • Affordable 
  • Right color resolution for greater visibility
  • Made by the most trusted source for your shooting supplies




Accurize AS develops and sells firearm training equipment for different segment of shooters.

Accurize AS headquarter and R&D is placed in Bergen, Norway.

Hunters, law enforcement, military, biathlon and marksman /sport shooters will all find useful training equipment in this catalogue.

Accurize AS started to develop the Accurize shooting system for dry shooting, which are sold all over the world and are probably one of the best training systems for dry training today.

Our research and development are done together with professionals in all categories to ensure we create products ideally for each segment.

All our products are first class quality and improve the shooters accuracy and confidence to take the perfect shot when it matters.

Accurize AS will continue the evolution of new technical training tools for shooting and will always look for new improvement for the professional shooter.

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